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SENSOR+TEST 2022 - Die Messtechnik-Messe - 10. - 12. Mai 2022, Nürnberg
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Welcome to the already 14th newsletter this year. Also today you can expect an excellent selection of industry news directly from the exhibitors of SENSOR+TEST 2022. Enjoy reading!

With best regards from your SENSOR+TEST Team

Jeanette Müller

Themen des Newsletters


disynet presents two palm-sized USB-powered DAQ-devices at an unbeatable price!

The very compact, USB-powered microUniDAQ devices have been designed for mobile use, where measurement tasks can be completed quickly, intuitively and easily, according to the slogan "SENSOR TO USB".

Each microUniDAQ devices provides four input channels, 24 bit resolution, a simultaneous sampling rate of up to 32 kS/s or 128 kS/s for the microUniDAQ-BR (wheatstone bridge) and microUniDAQ-IEPE versions respectively and a built in SD card for autonomous use without a PC. Thanks to high-quality isolation, the devices work absolutely interference-free and with low noise – specifications one would not...

disynet GmbH, Brüggen (Germany)


HAL 15xy, ASIL B upgrade of Hall switch family HAL 15xy

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) has upgraded its Micronas Hall-effect switch family, HAL 15xy, for automotive and industrial applications – All now defined as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) ASIL B-ready, according to ISO 26262. Modules equipped with HAL 15xy can more easily fulfill higher safety criteria in automotive applications such as brake fluid level sensing, seat belt detection, and brake light switch.* HAL 15xy family’s production is already ongoing; samples are available at any time.

The AEC-Q100 qualified HAL 15xy provides many diagnostic features, enabling deployment in ASIL A and ASIL B classified automotive applications. For more stringent security requirements, the HAL 15xy features an additional, unique power-on self-test. Customers can enable a full functional test of...

TDK Corporation, Munich (Germany)


Small data logger for numerous measurement tasks

The data logger ALMEMO® 204 is a compact all-rounder for numerous measuring tasks. The special features are 4 measuring inputs for digital sensors, which can be extended to up to 40 measuring channels, depending on the connected sensor. For this purpose there are multifunctional sensors, e.g. for measuring relative humidity with simultaneous measurement of temperature and air pressure. Unused channels can be expanded as function channels, so that in the case mentioned the absolute humidity is also recorded as a display value. With the intelligent ALMEMO® connectors, the data logger becomes an absolute multi-talent. The D7 connector for any digital sensors works with...

Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH, Holzkirchen (Germany)



With the TELID® 200 range, you can have a combination of RFID transponders and sensors for measuring physical quantities. Here, in particular, pressure, acceleration, strain, moisture, and electric conductivity are of significant interest. Determining the situation just-in-time and storing the newly measured values in the integrated memory is one of its main functions. More complex functions such as digital I/O ports for connecting memories, microcontrollers and digital subsystems are also available. TELID® 200 products do not...

microsensys GmbH, Erfurt (Germany)


DSA5000 Ethernet Pressure Scanner

The DSA5000 pressure scanner is a versatile, all-in-one data acquisition system. Each DSA5000 uses a pressure sensor per channel architecture. All data acquisition, data conversion, and communications are handled by the integrated process and A/D converters. Unlike any other pressure scanner available, the DSA5000 utilizes an individual A/D converter for each sensor allowing fully synchronous data collection. Together, these features provide easy setup, simple operation, and long term reliability.

The DSA5000 is designed to output an engineering unit data stream over an Ethernet connection. A broad selection of data output formats and...

Althen GmbH Mess- und Sensortechnik, Kelkheim (Germany)


One sensor for CO2, NO, SO2: SILAREX – Optical NDIR multi-gas sensors

SILAREX – Optical NDIR multi-gas sensors

Precision and high performance: With the SILAREX platform, smartGAS offers standardized multi-channel solutions

Applications such as the emission measurement of several gases like CO2, CO and SO2 or the measurement of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) require multi-channel sensors. SILAREX gas sensors have been developed for this application case and enable parallel concentration measurement of up to three measuring gases or three detection ranges with one single NDIR gas sensor. The cross-sensitivities of the individual gases are compensated directly inside the SILAREX sensor, providing the user with...

smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH, Heilbronn (Germany)


Special topic for SENSOR+TEST 2023

In view of the recent developments, the special topic for 2023 could not be more suitable: "Sensor and Measuring Technology for New Energies". With their growing importance for the secure supply of people and the economy, their reliability and availability are becoming indispensable requirements of our lives. Whether offshore wind farms or solar power plants in the desert - more and more smaller plants are spread over an ever larger area...

AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf (Germany)



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