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SENSOR+TEST 2021 - The Measurement Fair - 10 - 12 May 2022, Nuremberg, Germany
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We welcome you today exceptionally on Tuesday, because we will all celebrate Easter this weekend. We therefore wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and hope you enjoy today's selection of exhibitor news.

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High performance gas flow sensor for medical applications by ES Systems - ESRF-ESF - Inline Gas Flow Sensors

ES Systems has developed ESRF-ESF, an inline gas flow sensor, based on the hot-film anemometer principle for mass gas flow measurements.

ESRF-ESF is one of the few gas flow sensors featuring bidirectional gas flow sensing of up to ±300 ln/min with a total error band of <±1.25% RD. ESRF-ESF gas flow sensors provide calibrated and temperature compensated output on an SPI, I2C bus or analog output making them plug & play for direct interfacing to low voltage MCUs and systems. The user is provided with a multitude of interface and output options so that the right sensor configuration can be...

ES SYSTEMS, Koropi (Greece), Hall 1, Booth 1-344


The Technical Software All-Rounder: Mathematica 13

The software Mathematica of Wolfram Research, Inc. is a genuine all-rounder. Since more than 30 years, it has set standards in technical computation, not only in mathematics but also in networks, images, geometry, data science, visualization, machine learning and many more. Nearly 5,000 built-in functions are carefully integrated into the system and work seamlessly together. Mathematica is extremly user-friendly with its intuitive user interface and the specifically delevoped Wolfram Language. As a hybrid software application, Mathematica is...

ADDITIVE Soft- und Hardware für Technik und Wissenschaft GmbH, Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-363


Pressure transmitter AMS 4710 – in a robust plastic housing for filter control

Enclosed in an IP67 housing, space-saving and versatile, the analog pressure transmitters of the AMS 4710 series are particularly suitable for industrial, medical and HVAC applications. These sensors, which can be used immediately, measure differential pressures from 0-5 mbar up to 0-2 bar, are media-resistant on one side and have a voltage-based output signal of...

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-340


High performance ultrasonic sensor for intelligent water meter

The water meter flow sensor produced by AUDIOWELL has more stable electrical performance and stronger pressure resistance. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast reaching the peak value and easier signal processing, which helps to improve the measurement accuracy of ultrasonic water meter, and provides a more competitive hardware basis for the iterative upgrade of ultrasonic intelligent water meter.

With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, the demand for high-performance ultrasonic sensor of ultrasonic intelligent water meter applied in intelligent buildings is becoming more and more obvious. In order to further improve the measurement performance of ultrasonic intelligent water meter, AUDIOWELL has launched a new generation of water meter flow sensor -- US0078 from the perception layer. Compared with similar competitive products on the market, this product has more stable electrical performance and stronger pressure resistance. At the same time, it has the...

Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou (China), Hall 1, Booth 1-647


Magnetic length measuring system

ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH presents a magnetic length/angle measuring system that combines the robustness of magnetic measuring systems with the high resolution of optical measuring systems. This makes Optomag interesting for machine manufacturers in a broad market. OptoMag consists of three components. At its core is a robust, high-resolution position sensor electronics that adjusts the period length, offset and amplitude of the signal from a magnetoresistive (MR) sensor to...

ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH, Lahnau (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-628


Secure your ticket for the SENSOR+TEST 2022

Join us when we finally say "Welcome to the Innovation Dialog" again. Your ticket also gives you access to the ettc 2022, PCIM Europe und SMTconnect taking place in parallel. You have the option of conveniently purchasing a day ticket via our ticket shop or simply being invited to a free visit by one of the exhibiting companies. Many exhibitors have already placed the invitation codes on their website, in newsletters or at social media.
We look forward to meeting you in person in Nuremberg!

AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf (Germany), Hall 2, Booth 2-412



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