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SENSOR+TEST 2021 - The Measurement Fair - 10 - 12 May 2022, Nuremberg, Germany
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Topics of the newsletter


Fujikura AT7: new, ultra-compact relative pressure sensors from Fujikura

The world is becoming more interconnected, while devices become smaller, more compact and more efficient. Fujikura is jumping on board this trend with the AT7 pressure sensor series. The AT7 series is significantly smaller than even the widespread AG2, AG3 and AG4 series. At just 4x3 mm, Fujikura is introducing a highly compact relative pressure sensor series to the market – a tiny size formerly only found among absolute pressure sensors. This allows for an extremely space-saving design in pneumatic, automotive and medical technologies, and on...

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power AG, Zürich (Switzerland), Hall 1, Booth 1-361


Cellular-Network-Analysers "Siretta SNYPER"

The SNYPER family of network analysers are sophisticated yet easy to use. 2G / 3G and 4G mobile networks can be scanned. The SNYPER is a portable, battery-powered device and can operate for several hours between charges. It analyses all mobile signals from any network at a given location, and displays the results in a simple and easy-to-understand format or visualises them via the CloudSURVEY portal.

The SNYPER provides a summary of all networks found in the area, their relative signal strengths and...

Dacom West GmbH, Haan (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-512


MTMS - Mobile Inclination Monitoring System - Tilt measurement system for safer heavy-duty transports

The inclination monitoring system consists of a measuring unit in a rugged aluminum housing and a large remote LED display, which can be viewed from a distance of up to 20m. It is designed for the industrial acquisition and display of quasi-static changes in the inclination angle of a monitored measurement object.
The system is able to measure the inclination angle with a MEMS precision sensor in a measuring range of +/-10° in relation to the horizontal. In addition, the inclinataion angle can be monitored and visualized on the remote LED display.
The current measured value is displayed numerically as well as...

Althen GmbH, Mess- und Sensortechnik, Kelkheim (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-453


Ultrafast position sensors – the RF603HS series!

The RF603-HS series uses laser triangulation, featuring a sample rate of up to 70 kHz. This is ideal for tracking fast processes. The handy (65 x 60 x 26 mm) and robust aluminum housing, the highly shock and vibration proof construction allows usage in a rougher environment.
These high speed laser sensors can be ordered either with red or blue light. The blue laser gives optimum performance when tracking for example glowing-hot metals, or...

disynet GmbH, Brüggen (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-200


Scanning Mirror Micro Spectrometer (SMMS)

Compact and ultra-compact systems for nearinfrared (NIR) spectral analysis enabling the integration into portable devices or even mobile phones may contribute significantly to the development of future systems for sensing and testing applications. Besides size, more and more technological aspects become relevant for high volume fabrication. Competitive production needs reduced complexity of the core components, simple electronics and low requirements for the assembly and integration process.

The scanning mirror micro spectrometer is based on a simple 1D-scanner mirror. A fixed grating is...

Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme IPMS, Dresden (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-150/4


Passivation Glass

For chemical and mechanical strengthening of semiconductor and varistor surfaces, SCHOTT passivation glass powders are the material of choice. The applied glass layer provides dependable protection for the function of passivating p-n-junctions and acts as hermetic housing for the discrete device.

Extensive selection of high-purity materials
SCHOTT’s Passivation Glass collection is extremely versatile, with comprehensive options of glass compositions to suit a variety of semiconductor and varistor types. Only the finest raw materials are chosen to enable high material purity and...

SCHOTT AG, Mainz (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-514


Scientific highlights at SENSOR+TEST 2022

Parallel to SENSOR+TEST 2022, two scientifically outstanding events will also take place this year, which are worth attending.
The 21. ITG/GMA Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2022 offers in its program the topics sensors and sensor systems for industrial use, which have recently received special attention, e.g. sensors for the environment and sustainability, hydrogen technologies, process measurement technology, Internet of Things, safety sensor technology, optical measurement technology, as well as thermal and gas-sensitive sensors.

The ettc2022 - European Test and Telemetry Conference in cooperation with the SFTE-EC, Society of Flight Test Engineers European Chapter, offers an exciting and varied program from the aerospace sector. This includes, for example, a short course on "IP telemtry with MIMO technology" at the beginning, three keynote lectures at the opening, 38 selected contributions with a focus on new sensor and measurement systems for the future of mobility.



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