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SENSOR+TEST 2021 - The Measurement Fair - 10 - 12 May 2022, Nuremberg, Germany
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In less than 2 weeks we finally welcome you back in person in Nuremberg. Prepare your visit and take a look at the exhibiting companies and their products already. As always, we have selected some highlights for you. Here you can find more interesting products. Enjoy reading!

Jeanette Müller

Topics of the newsletter


Improved ultra-fine machining of hard-brittle ceramic substrates through innovative USP laser processing

Hard-brittle materials such as high-performance ceramics made of Al2O3, AlN, ZrO, SiN, SiC and LTTC, silicon and semiconductor substrates as well as glass wafers made of materials such as Borofloat 33, D263Teco, AF32, AS87, MEMpax, BK7 as well as quartz glass are very sensitive to breakage and cracking due to their material compounds.

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH uses the latest ultra-short pulse (USP) laser technology for processing such highly sensitive materials, which has clear advantages over conventional thermal laser processing. This is because the use of USP technology with very short but high pulse frequencies means that there is no heat input into the material. The athermal process thus enables stress-free processing of the material, so that...

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH, Hermsdorf (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-454


TSEP THEMIS, the TSEP base platform for your test- and measurementsystem

Themis provides you a T&M system according to your needs.
Our modular systems allows you to combine your specific TSEP hardware with standard PXI/PXIe cards.
1588 compatible and LXI conform.
Themis: Overview
- Modularity...

TSEP Technical Software Engineering Plazotta GmbH, Wolnzach (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-657


Q.core High-Performance DAQ Controller - Big data processing made simple

Stand-alone high-performance data processing

The Q.core is Gantner’s new product innovation towards a high-performance streaming data architecture for test & measurement, asset monitoring, and AI applications. A streaming data architecture is a framework of software components built to process extensive data from multiple sources. While traditional data acquisition solutions focus on handling data in batches, a streaming data architecture consumes data immediately as it is generated.

The Q.core is a high-performance data acquisition controller with six Ethernet ports for connecting decentralized Q.stations (publishers), one uplink port for data clients (subscribers), two USB ports, an HDMI (optional), and...

Gantner Instruments Test & Measurement GmbH, Rodgau (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-352


Magnetic Encoder ICs | iC-TW39 & iC-PVS

The heart of every encoder is the way it provides information. Compared to optical encoder technology, magnetic encoder ICs provide many benefits: Excellent reliability, a high resistance to shock and vibration, a lack of breakable parts, insensitivity to environmental influences, such as dust, oil, and moisture, and high operating distances for easy implementation. Additionally, a space-saving design is possible as the system has no need for LEDs or optics.

With its magnetic encoder iCs, iC-Haus offers reliable solutions for linear and angular encoders, position measurement systems, and robotics and vehicle control applications. They provide...

iC-Haus GmbH, Bodenheim (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-532


dydaqmeas – the data acquisition system

dydaqmeas is based on the same innovative concept like our IIoT data logger dydaqlog. The own internal web server enables the complete programming, handling and data monitoring via a web browser – every time and everywhere. The powerful quad core ARM® processor enables the preparation and processing of measured data. Channels can be calculated and observed in real time.

Each analogue input is sampled with...

gbm mbH, Mönchengladbach (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-550


FLS110 Mass flow sensor

The FLS 110 sensor measures flow rate across a wide measurement range of 0.001 to over 500 standard litres per minute (slm, in a bypass configuration). It delivers a fully temperature-compensated and reliable flow signal, and has been optimised for fast scale-up and cost-effective mass production.
In addition, Flusso is supplying all its customers with a full package of electronic, mechanical and fluidic engineering knowhow and support to incorporate flow measurement into their products. Allowing customers to...

Flusso Limited, Cambridge (Great Britain), Hall 1, Booth 1-331/1


Get ready for Nuremberg

Do not miss the sensor and measurement event - SENSOR+TEST 2022! Register now to meet developers and project managers for free and intensive expert talks. To save some money, have a look at the homepages, newsletter,  and social media channels of the exhibitors and you will find a lot of free registration links. If you prefer to buy a ticket, you can do that via the ticket shop. If you have any questions, just let us know.

AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf (Germany), Hall 2, Booth 2-412



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