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SENSOR+TEST 2021 - The Measurement Fair - 10 - 12 May 2022, Nuremberg, Germany
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Welcome to the last newsletter before the SENSOR+TEST 2022. We hopefully all meet next week live in Nuremberg and finally can say: Welcome to the Innovation Dialog!

With best regards from your SENSOR+TEST team

Jeanette Müller

Topics of the newsletter


LGD Compact-A CH4

Axetris’ Laser Gas Detection modules LGD Compact-A CH4 are developed especially for the needs in natural gas detection, where fast response times and low detection limits makes the difference.

If there is a need for portable measurement or stationary installations for leak detection, the LGD Compact can help to ...

Axetris AG, Kägiswil (Switzerland), Hall 1, Booth 1-605


Y-SPE Single Pair Ethernet - the future starts now

Yamaichi Electronics offers Y-SPE, a new series of connectors for Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) according to IEC 63171.
The new series initially includes both IP20 sockets and M12 sockets with IP67 protection for PCB mounting in accordance with IEC standards 63171-2 and -6.

Single pair Ethernet offers the possibility of efficient data transmission from the sensor to the cloud. The increasing need and ability of machines, devices and also...

Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH, Aschheim-Dornach (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-525


Microsensor detection of the direction of light incidence

The CiS Research Institute has developed a tiny microchip for determining the direction of light incidence, thus making a contribution to climate protection. The small size and simple integrability as well as the MEMS manufacturing technology suitable for mass production characterize this component. The monolithic sensor is based on four integrated photodiodes in a 3D-structured silicon substrate.

Sensors for detecting the angle of incidence of light are known, for example, from tracking systems of photovoltaic systems. They are used to...

CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH, Erfurt (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1-501


Multi-camera GigE Vision FPGA frame grabber

DragonEYE is a GigE Vision FPGA frame grabber for real-time Machine Vision applications. Today, Machine Vision applications process an ever-increasing amount of information that must not be limited by the processing capabilities of computers. To exceed this bandwidth limit, TECHWAY has developed a multi-camera frame grabber equipped with an unique real-time processor.

DragonEYE, thanks to its Vision Engine (FPGA technology), allows to...

TECHWAY S.A.S., Villebon-sur-Yvette (France), Hall 2, Booth 2-404 ettc2022


Inline viscosity intelligence and optimization with Rheonics SRV viscometer revolutionizes industrial process fluid management

Rheonics SRV is an inline process viscometer based on Rheonics symmetric torsional resonator technology. The sensor is lightweight and compact, and is completely insensitive to mounting conditions, wall proximity and ambient vibration. Its reproducibility, stability, repeatability, robustness and accuracy support scalability of processes, including transition from batch to continuous production.

SRV inline viscometer, protected by multiple Rheonics patents, is one of the most commercially successful process viscometers on the market. SRV's small size and...

Rheonics GmbH, Winterthur (Switzerland), Hall 1, Booth 1-145/11


The Ampex TuffCORD Video Data Recorder: TOUGH. RELIABLE. READY.

Built for tough environments, the TuffCORD Video Data Recorder goes wherever operators need to go, and delivers consistent, reliable performance in challenging conditions. The TuffCORD takes the proven TuffCORD platform and adds uncompressed video recording capabilities. With its compact size, light weight, low power dissipation and mounting options, it can be installed wherever it needs to be.

The TuffCORD Video Data Recorder is designed with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of operational needs. It can record all video types, act as a network file server, a mission or flight test data recorder, and a mission data loader. When it comes to capturing the best quality video however, the...

Delta Information Systems, Inc., Horsham (USA), Hall 2, Booth 2-205 ettc2022


Brake Torque Sensor

The piezoelectric dynamic Brake Torque Sensor is suitable for selectively measuring reaction torque directly at the brake without the influence of other mechanical parts. The design and material combination makes the sensor well-suited for accurate measurements and evaluation of high frequency torque oscillations. The Brake Torque Sensor offers a wide range of applications - starting at early testbed stages and...

Piezocryst Advanced Sensorics GmbH, Graz (Austria), Hall 1, Booth 1-434


Sensor & Test 2022: Award winning air quality monitor to be exhibited

From 10 – 12 May 2022 South Coast Science will be exhibiting at SENSOR+TEST. This event is one of the major international scientific forums for sensors, measuring and testing technologies.

The team will showcase the Praxis/Urban and the award winning Praxis/OPCube (Best Gas & PM Measurement Solution 2021, British Made Awards). They are looking forward to meeting researchers and other professionals from across the globe to discuss new and emerging technologies.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see a live air quality feed showing data from both Nuremberg city centre and from the exhibition hall. Bruno Beloff, CEO, and David Johnson, Sales Director, will be available to answer questions and discuss the latest innovations in ambient air quality monitoring.

“We are excited to...

South Coast Science Limited, Brighton (Great Britain), Hall 1, Booth 1-650


Michell Easidew sensor - Moisture Transmitter for Safe and Hazardous Areas

The Easidew sensor is a moisture meter that measures both dew point and moisture content. It is simple to install as it is available with a wide range of process connections and electrical connectors. All Easidew dew-point transmitters are available with a service exchange program which reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance.

Reconfiguration of the transmitters is simple with the self-contained Easidew and Pura communications kit.

Michell’s Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor-based Hygrometers are calibrated to international standards and are...

Process Sensing Technologies Ltd., Ely (Great Britain), Hall 1, Booth 1-456 + 1-460


Sciosense supports design of ultrasonic flow meters introducing advanced single-chip hardware and software solution

Sciosense extended its family of ultrasonic flow meter ICs with the AS6031F1, a complete hardware and firmware measurement solution for cold and hot water meters. Drawing a continuous current of just 5 µA when capturing flow measurements at a rate of 2 Hz, or 15 µA at 8 Hz, the chip can operate for up to 20 years on the energy available from a single AA lithium battery.

The AS6031F1 includes an ultrasonic flow measurement front end with programmable amplifier, a low-power 32-bit processor and firmware for converting the sensor’s analog outputs to precise measurements of cold water flow, volume and temperature. This means that designers of water meters can use the AS6031F1 to easily and...

ScioSense B.V., Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Hall 1, Booth 1-433


What awaits you in Nuremberg?

In addition to many innovative products, SENSOR+TEST 2022 also offers you a forum, which can also be followed via a live stream. Moreover, exhibitors will show selected videos in the Digital Agenda. The 21. ITG/GMA Fachtagung Sensoren und Messysteme 2022 and ettc2022 conference programs will round off the trade fair visit.
In addition, your ticket to SENSOR+TEST 2022 in Hall 1 also includes free admission to the events taking place at the same time:
- in hall 2: ettc 2022
- in hall 4, 5 and 4A: SMTconnect
- in hall 6, 7 and 9: PCIM Europe

AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf (Germany), Hall 2, Booth 2-412



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